Halloween Costume Prep For A Little Lioness

Another Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, because I get to get down and creative with my kids.   This year MyGirl got inspired by a fuzzy mask she found while we were thrifting.  We got to thinking and planned a pretty cute costume to go with it!

We found some fuzzy fabric at the store and bought a yard of it for under $10 and used some pink felt se had on hand for accents.  This project would have come together super quick: mitts, a hat with ears, and a tail.......

except that I happen to be sewing machine-less at the moment!  So yes, I sewed this all by hand using a locking blanket stitch for durability (and now you know what is on my christmas list!!).

Aren't these mitts CUTE!?!?!  Check out this tutorial at the lovely blog BYOV (thank you thank you)!

The look on MyGirl's face when she walked through the door after school to a pile of fuzzy lion costume parts was priceless!

4 thoughts:

Open House LLC said...

Bloody good job!

cathouseprints said...

Well done!

Chandra said...

I want one!

iris said...

The mitts came out great! I don't think I've ever had a tutorial taken advantage of so quickly, lol.

And the hand sewing all of it? All I've got to say is more power to you! hahahaha

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