New Work: Rings and Hoops

 I've got some really neat new rings finished, made of natural stone (Moss Opalite, Snakeskin Agate, and Chrysocolla).  It has been so inspiring designing these settings, I just can't work enough!  There are two new hoop designs now too, simple lightweight silver hoops.  I made myself a pair of the spiral hoops and want them in every day!

The weather has been cold, the frosty temperatures coming more frequently now, and I had to set up a few heaters out in the studio to keep warm.  I find that I am a lot more creative during the colder months without those carefree summer days to distract me.

It's about time to cozy up with some warm tea and get to creating!

From left to right, Snowing Mountains Ring, Persephone Ring, and Viking Ring.

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Jackie B. said...

Hi! I'm Jackie from Made With Love and found you through FTLOB's comment love day. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and comment on how lovely your jewelery is. I love how industrial and earthy the pieces are. Great work! -JB.


Shaheen said...

Your rings are beautiful. I went through a phase when I used to wear a lot of earthy precious stone jewellery, now other than my wedding ring - I don't wear much jewellery. I must get re-acquainted with my jewellery box again and discover some of the hidden gems there once again.

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