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Remember those posters I made for the fall carnival?  Well, after that project, I was asked to help teach the after school art program!  Years ago, I taught watercolor classes part time to teens, so I figured this would be a fun opportunity, and one that I could really help with.  So I was given free reign to come up with four different projects.  As an extra bonus, my two kiddos get to attend for free.  :)

Last week we worked in oil pastel and watercolor and masking tape.  I taught the kids about using 'resist' techniques to control the paint...they were so into it!  We only have a bit over an hour, and these kids couldn't paint enough!  Some of them made at least three paintings, and they all were really inspired by the process.

>>>How To:  Abstract Watercolor Painting Using Resists


Cold pressed watercolor paper
Oil pastels
Masking tape


Tape the paper to the table to keep it from buckling.  Before painting, first use masking tape and oil pastels to create your design.  Using generous amounts of watercolor paint and a 'wash' technique, paint over your design.  Watch as the oil pastel and tape control where your paint goes.  Let your work dry a bit, and then take off all the tape.  Notice the clean white border around your paper, and the clean white paper that was hiding under any other tape lines!

It's a shame that art is always the first thing to be cut from a school's budget.  These kids are so lucky to have volunteers willing to come in after school (and once a month during school) to make sure there is still art in the curriculum!  I am very happy to be involved, and so appreciate the other moms and volunteers that make these programs a success!

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cathouseprints said...

Very cool and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing this. You're right that it is a shame that art programs are always the first thing cut. Glad I went to school during a time when art classes existed in the cirriculum. Kudos to the volunteers!

Open House LLC said...

I was just telling someone that I used to do lunch art at the kid's school. It was so much fun watching what the children create. I am thrilled you get to inspire the kids-how perfect.

Ajax said...

Yes, sometimes it seems almost more inspiring to teach/help others create art than to create it yourself!

Jami @ bettyproject said...

that looks like so much fun... and I'm sure it had to be very inspiring! One thing that I adore about homeschooling is being able to see the creativity in my kids really grow... kids are so fascinating when presented with the opportunity to create art :)

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