A Gift

I am so excited to share with you all the gift I made for Matt!  I have had to wait till now to post about this, since we wouldn't have wanted to ruin the surprise!

We only did a stocking exchange between the two of us, so of course I was inspired to make him something jewelry oriented....something small and sentimental which would fit perfectly in his stocking.

(See it in my shop here where you can customize your own version of this wrap bracelet.)

I think it was during one of our long walks that we were talking about all of the ups and downs and crazy transitions we have faced together in the last few years, and I remember Matt saying that, "We are the lucky ones".  I haven't forgotten that phrase since, and I thought it would make a special momento if I designed a manly piece of jewelry with that in mind.

I am really happy with the outcome (though I will admit it took a few tries to get to this point..art has a way of complicating a seemingly simple process with unforeseen bumps in the road...but I prevailed).

Another neat Christmas happening here at our house....usually for me gift giving is by far more fulfilling than gift getting, except this year.  MyBoy, for the first time ever planned out a special gift for me and got Matt to take him to purchase it with his own allowance.  I nearly melted from that sweet gesture.  What did he get me?  An amazing metalsmithing hammer with interchangeable faces that creates different textures in your metal!  It had been on my list forever.  So so so sweet!

Usually the kids make me gifts, which I also adore.  MyGirl made me a hilarious sock creature which she hand sewed and stuffed herself.

I love my kids.

Okay, enough mushy stuff.  We have been snacking for three days straight so I am off to the kitchen to make us some real food!  Tagliatelle bolognese from here and egg drop soup from here.  Strange combination, I know, but this is what has been requested!

8 thoughts:

Chandra said...

I love this! And am in love with my "so loved" neclace santa brought me for Christmas!

AmandaDF said...

That is so cool! And such a great quote-I bet he loved it!

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.
Happy New year!


creativefashionglee said...

Love, love those belts. very punk and cute. :)

Open House LLC said...

Good job-how cool

Constance Mueller Rawlins said...

Enjoyed your post. Lots of love there.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

enjoyed discovering your amazing work through CED... you are really talented and I look forward to seeing more work as the year takes off...xx

Carolyn Dube said...

What a great gift! I love that you make gifts about the heart that goes into it (with you kids too)!

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