Ahhhh, the New Year.

I've been reminiscing over the last year, since of course the New Year's arrival has inspired thoughts of the things to come.  I love the reflection and expectation that a new year brings, a blank slate for new beginnings and closure for what has been.

I'm really looking forward for this year because I am nearly positive that it is going to be full of only planned craziness, none of this out of control crazy that my life seems to have a way of attracting.  For instance, we plan on buying a house this year, which will be a whirlwind, but a planned adventure as well.

Once, I tried to count how many houses I've lived in during my lifetime and I lost count in the mid 20s.  You can imagine how exciting it will be for me to move into a home, own it, and plan on staying in it for (what?!?!) years.  I'll just have to learn to fulfill my gypsy needs with travel rather than with obsessive moving.

Some of the unplanned crazy from 2011, because I feel like sharing:

Matt proposed.

I homeschooled my kids for two months while we were stranded in relocated to Oklahoma City for Matt's job training

We drove halfway across the country twice with two kids, a dog, a lizard, and a ferret, and finally made it here to a different house, and a different state, to start a new life together.

I started this blog (181 posts!), mostly to help keep me sane while I homeschooled the kids in Oklahoma.  I learned a lot about HTML and gained a huge appreciation for public school.

I got married.

I started my Etsy shop (65 sales!!), also to keep myself from going crazy as a new housewife.  The dishes are only entertaining for so long...I learned a lot about owning an online business, paypal, and macro digital photography.

So there you are, a glimpse through my last year, pretty crazy/exciting, right?  Cheers to the up and coming 2012, to stability, settling in, and more craziness (but please more of the planned-for variety).

Happy New Year Y'all!

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Chandra said...

And you met me! :D Here's wishing you a year filled with much love, happiness, prosperity, and good health. I've enjoyed getting to know you as well and look forward to whatever the year may hold for us both. Happy New Year!!

Saturday Sequins said...

Wow, 2011 sure was an eventful year for you! Congrats on getting married and on all those Etsy sales!

It's so weird to meet someone who's moved more than I have. At my last count, it was something like 11 different places. It really is strange, thinking about living in the same place for awhile, isn't it? I've been in my house for over four years, the longest I've lived anywhere since my teens!

Happy New Year!!

Shah Wharton said...

I envy you your dog! We live in an apartment in Dubai - no animals allowed (i moved here with my husband for his job Oct 2010 and thats why I started my blog too:P)

New follower - thanks for stopping by WordsinSync and Happy New Year !! X Shah.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice to meet you Ajax, have spent ages browsing and enjoying your blog. Hope to see you tomorrow for WOYWW's first of the year!

ImSoVintage said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful happenings in your life. engaged, married, and starting a new life. I think your year ahead will be just as wonderful

sacramento said...

I am sure you are going to have a fabulous year.
Thank you for your words, my dear friend

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