Where Have I Been?!....And Christmas Beetroot Hummus

The whirlwind that has been the past couple of weeks has finally stopped freaking out.  The Christmas orders have stopped coming in (except for that really last minute order I shipped out yesterday (!?!?!)).  I am also finally feeling better, I don't think I've been that sick in a long time and I am so happy that it looks like I'll be my old healthy self again for Christmas Day!

Here is a little memoir in photos of these last hectic weeks, which I have been meaning to blog about but only had enough energy to post to my twitter.

>>>Lots of working in the shop, visits to the post office (look at that line!!), and little packages ready for the mail.

>>>Chicken noodle soup in bed.

>>>Finally mailed out my Christmas cards!

>>>And then I made some Beetroot Hummus because it's oh, so pretty!

This hummus would complete any Christmas dinner table, or Christmas appetizer spread.  It is also very mild because it is made without the traditional tahini (though I missed that and will probably add it next time).  Did I mention that it takes 5 minutes to make?

Here's what you need and what you do.

One large beet, cooked  (I chopped it up and microwaved it in water for 2 minutes, easy.)
One can chickpeas
Four tablespoons lemon juice
Two garlic cloves
Three Tablespoons olive oil

Put it all into your food processor and start pushing buttons!  By the time you're tired of switching from the chop button to the puree button, the hummus will be ready for eating!  Serve with veggies and crackers for a pretty and pretty healthy snack!

Check out the recipe I used (and tweaked) here.

Well, I hope you're all healthy and ready for some Christmas!

5 thoughts:

Fi Figueroa said...

I've never had beets before. Ever. This is definitely a twist I see myself making. Well, once I get a food processor. hehe So many things I need for the new apt!

Love the instagrams of your work!


Halina said...

This looks delicious! I actually made beet cupcakes yesterday... they were a disaster, and I wasted my boyfriends time making them! I hope you'll have a delightful Christmas! It has been a pleasure to meet you this year :D

iris said...

The red hummus should be served with green veggies, so then you have red AND green, on one plate!

Sarah said...

You are such a GORGEOUS photographer - I freakin' love the picture of the Christmas cards! I love that you got them out so late {though I totally did the same thing by accident!)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Beetroot hummus looks YUMS. I think Christmas borrowed this recipe from Hanukkah, though.

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