Too Tired To be Grateful...just yet

Who knew that I would be this busy filling orders for Christmas?  I had plans for making some of my own gifts, but have been so swamped with orders (on average three orders per day through the month of December) in the shop and trips to the post office, that I still haven't even mailed my Christmas cards!

But thankfully, the rush must be over because there are only 8 more days till Christmas and probably not enough shipping time for last minute orders.  I can take a breather and focus on my own little Christmas plans, which I cannot name in case we have some familiar readers (wink wink).

So, today's Gratified Friday Post is a flop....until I find the energy to write the post about how amazingly well my shop has done for Christmas, the super helper of a husband I have who works the shop details from behind the curtain, and the trooper kids I have who, even though they have been super sick, have given me the space and time I've needed to get everything done.

Time for some TLC for my much neglected self (things like fried spaghetti, bad TV shows on the couch with the kids, ignoring all housework, and lots of napping).

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Open House LLC said...

Bring it on...relaxing

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