Belated Birthday Post

I have been trying to post about this for almost a month now!  Crazy holidays just keep ya busy, don't they.  Better late then never.

People should not be allowed to have their birthdays during the month of December.  I absolutely LOVE going all out for birthdays..big cake, awesome gifts..you know to make it so special and fun.  But, when the birthday is in December, it messes up my flow.  There is just too much other holiday stuff to plan for.

You guessed it, Matt's birthday is in December.  So I did the only thing a sensible wife could do and bought him his present while we were christmas light shopping at Home Depot (spur of the moment and not very surprising).  I got him the table saw he's been wanting, which isn't very fair since he uses it to make the gift boxes I ship all of my jewelry orders in.

To make up for the table saw, I made the most delicious triple coconut cheesecake EVER.  It has real coconut milk in every part of the recipe.  Authentic.  I even toasted the coconut topping.

At the last minute, I decided to take him to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant in Beaverton called Decarli which I recommend in a heartbeat!  I had some wild boar stroganoff, which was to die for.  Matt had a very gourmet and yummy pizza.  Can you believe our luck that the kids were both invited to a sleep over the night of Matt's birthday?  We had the whole evening to ourselves, it was lovely!

And photos:

All and all it turned out pretty well, although next year, I may start planning earlier so Matt's birthday doesn't completely catch me off guard!

Are you annoyed by December birthdays?

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Terrie said...

Mine is on the 21st of Dec and YES, it's hard most months. Though all holiday planning and shopping is done by then, it's almost impossible to have any sort of party or gathering because people are just too busy. I've threatened to move my celebration day to June (the half point) just so I can have a blow out bash! :)

Ajax said...

I love the idea of a half Birthday, I will have to propose that to Matt! haha

AmandaDF said...

Happy birthday to your husband-that cake looks so yummy!

I don't mind December birthdays, I just feel bad because they usually don't get as much attention as others lol

Chandra said...

My oh my what a cake! So I see you've changed things up a bit...I like it. Now I just have to swap out your buttons :D

Ajax said...

Thanks Chandra! Still have some minor tweaks...so glad to hear your impression of the change is a good one. xoxo

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