Creative Priorities

This new year has inspired me to rethink some priorities, especially in the creativity department. I've joined a few blog groups that share their work weekly, which I think will be a great outlet, and so far has been!

 I changed my blog around a lot! I haven't felt yet that this blog has had a specific voice other than my own personal ramblings. But I am now hoping to focus more (but not entirely) on creativity and I am excited to see where that takes the blog.  I will be posting on Wednesdays for "What's on Your Workbench Wednesdays" hosted by Stamping Ground, and participating in Creative Everyday and Artists in Blogland.  If you're looking for some creative focussed blogs, I hope you will check these spaces out.

 Today I went out and bought a beautiful sketch book. It is everything I had hoped for; 95 lb. paper (perfect for painting, drawing..any medium really), small size at 5X8, and spiral bound so it lies flat. I have been filling sketch books for years, but somehow have been less habitual about it lately. My plan is to use the journal for sketching jewelry designs and as a place to collect some creativity.

To kick off these new goals, here is my first sketch:

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Liberty said...

Isn't it great having a spiral-bound book?
I think the hair, in particular, is awesome in this drawing.

Thank you for mentioning Artists In Blogland - I hadn't heard of it! I've joined it now :)

ImSoVintage said...

What a a beautiful sketchbook. just looking at that would give me inspiration.

Terrie said...

Thanks for the visit - and yes, I see similarities between my zentangle and your sketch - it's amazing how art forms can cross over and be incorporated in so many different styles. This is a great start for your new sketchbook and I can't wait to see what else shows up in it!

Halina said...
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Halina said...

Love that you've started to focus on putting more art onto your blog, that's going to be my focus this year too! And that sketch is amazing! Doesn't it feel like the greatest thing to draw on an entirely new sketchbook once in a while?

Sunshineshelle said...

Love the drawing, nothing like that beautiful blank paper to inspire :) Thx for the other links too I'll check them out!!

Chandra said...

And she draws...! Like the sketch :D

iris said...

Oh man, you can actually draw! That's awesome.
I cannot :( ...which is how I've become an excellent tracer ;)

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