We had a lot of fun over winter break.  Of course there was the late night sparklers and poppers on New Years.  We ate some Dragon Fruit for the first time (kinda like a mellow kiwi flavor).  The kids did some origami.  We went shopping and spent Christmas monies.  There was a lot of pajama wearing.

But nowadays we are back in the full time swing of things (although we are enjoying a little last hurrah over this three day weekend).  I start classes again on tuesday, and even though I am less than excited, I was inspired to get a planner, and that feels great.  So watch out, semester, I'm ready for you.

Overall, I am just completely ready for this year, I wish I could explain how I feel.  Hopeful, expectant, prepared, grounded, focussed...all good things!

Maybe I am just still hyper and energized from running this morning, or maybe I am still super happy about the used CDs I picked up today at our favorite thrift store (Cake, Nelly Furtado, John Fogerty, Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, and Mary J. Blige).

Either way, things are feeling pretty good.

I'm off to make some Fettucini and a Beef Ragu Sauce.

If you've lost focus, just sit down and be still. Take the idea and rock it to and fro. Keep some of it and throw some away, and it will renew itself. You need do no more.  ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

P.S.  If you haven't read Clarissa Pinkola Estes' book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, it's a very inspirational take on women's studies.

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Saturday Sequins said...

Best of luck with your classes this semester! A planner always helped me feel organized and keep track of things.

I love that quote. I'll add it to my list of things I want to print out and stick to my bedroom wall. :)

Chandra said...

I think I need to get a planner...may help with me keeping up with all that is going on! Best to you this sememster. No doubt, you will be a stellar student! Now go rock it with those cd's!

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