Welcome to My Studio & What's On Your Workbench Wednesday (WOYWW)

Earth & Sky Ring
 I worked all day yesterday and while I was working, I thought to document some of the process I go through to make my jewelry.  I love seeing work in the middle of it's journey.

I actually had two projects going.  I had to make a pair of my best selling earrings, the Isis Hoops, for an order that goes out this week, and I wanted to make a ring with a new turquoise cabachon I just got.  You can see many of the steps in the photos.

I also took a few pics of my workspace, isn't it a fun mess?  I really can't work in a clean space, it is so much more freeing for my creativity to be surrounded by clutter.  I have completely collaged the entire wall space around my workbench with art and collages I've made and posters of concerts I've been to etc.  Being surrounded by all of that visual and sentimental stimulus helps me find that creative place.  I also always listen to music, lately the Indigo Girls album, "Come On Now Social" has been on repeat.

I am taking huge advantage of my free time right now because I am needing to make up for a serious lack of alone time over the winter break, and also because I have signed up for spring classes (ugh), and will probably become totally consumed by college busy work in no time.

I have to make sure I put time aside to create, because that keeps me happy.

Here's a track from that Indigo Girls album, "Peace Tonight":

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Chandra said...

Your jewelry just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Enjoy your weekend :D

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