Ready For The Roller Rink!

MyGirl is turning a DECADE this week.  So proud, amazed, shocked....no little ones in this house any more.  

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have secured her the "Sparkle Room" at our local Skate World.  She is a complete bada** on skates, so this is going to be a blast for her!  I just hope her friends can keep up.

Speaking of friends...MyGirl and I made these neat-o invitations:

Step 1--->>>  Cut paper for card, and create and cut informative insert for the inside of the card.

Step 2--->>> Design a template for your card.  Then trace and cut out as many as you have guests.

Step 3--->>>
 Color and decorate design.  (We just loved the dimension the ribbon added to the skate laces!)

Step 4--->>> Glue design to card, and also glue insert to inside.

Step 5--->>>  Hand out to friends!!

Now on to the cake planning!   I bet you can't guess what animal will be gracing MyGirl's cake/cupcakes this year!  Hint:  it isn't what we did last year.

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