WOYWW: Shiny Sparkly Pretty

This is what my bench looks like today.  An ariel view:

I have been unbelievable swamped with orders.  I think I have 15 open orders to fill right now.  It feels like every time I refresh my email, there is a new order!  I have been working on my efficiency so that I can keep up.  :)

I used to polish my rings by hand with super super fine sandpaper.  That works really well, but my shop has become too busy for my hands to handle that kind of repetitive work.

Recently I rediscovered the dremel set Matt had gotten me a while back, I think as a birthday present.  I am in love!  There is this cute little cotton covered attachment that I put in the flex shaft.  Add some rouge (polishing agent), and done!  Easy.

My rings turn out shiny sparkly pretty, with hardly any effort.

The necklace I made as a gift for MyGirl's birthday tomorrow (shhh, don't tell!).

Thanks Julia for hosting WOYWW, again!  Happy Wednesday, WOYWW-ers!

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