Grafitied Fridays: A Decade of MyGirl & Make a Paper Doll

I just love birthdays, and making crazy creative fun birthday cards!  You may remember some of my pop-up cards from here and here, and the little paper movie I made here.  

This week was a birthday week.  MyGirl turned ten!  (Happy birthday you sweet, beautiful, smart, talented, sassy, girl!)  

Instead of a card, I made MyGirl a paper doll with moving parts (brads are fun, especially these tiny little star shaped ones).  I thought it would be a cute way to give MyGirl the necklace I made for her, and a fun way for her to start her birthday morning.

This doll is how I see MyGirl in a few more years.  She has grown so much, I am very grateful for her beautiful presence in my life everyday, for the past ten years, and for many more to come!

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