Capitol Trip

It's field trip season apparently. I seem to be easily convinced to chaperone, my kiddos still love their mama enough to have me along on school outings.

Here is a peek at Oregon's Capitol building in Salem (but you knew that, right?).

We climbed 121 steps up an iron spiral staircase to see the infamous 'gold man' who lives on top of the dome. He's a big guy, if you stood on his foot, your head would barely reach his knee! It cost $70,000 (completely raised by 4th graders) to gold leaf him most recently.

I fell in love with the ancient carpeting, circa 1936, on the senate and house floors. One side was a repeating pattern of Oregon's state tree, the Doug Fir. The other side was all golds and yellows with a pattern of a salmon and bundle of wheat to represent Oregonian's livelihood back then.

Everywhere you went, the building was constructed with a deeper meaning in mind. Doorknobs had the state seal pressed into their brass surfaces. Names and murals were painted on walls even the type of woods used in each chamber held a certain meaning.

The only downside to the trip was the hour plus bus ride packed to the brim with over 60 10 yr olds. I had headphones, thank god, and MyGirl to share them with. :)

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