Gratified Fridays: A Passat and Shorts

Some good things from this week to be happy about:

Wearing shorts---->

Driving home the new (to us) Passat----->

Working in the shop----->

My favorite wine mug---->

We finally got a second car after over a year of being a one car family.  We sold the other car when we moved because the Uhaul and the Touareg were enough to worry about driving.  When we got here, we didn't really need two cars, so we have just been doing the one car thing...until now.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, like....what?!?!...I can go to the store (any store) while Matt is at work and not because I walked there.  :)  And we won't have to coordinate our schedules all week around where the car will be.

We checked out a few sleazy car lots, and were told we couldn't get a Passat for what we wanted to spend.  We even test drove one that was so sketchy, the steering column wouldn't respond, and they wanted seven GRAND!  I laughed really hard.

Of course, we found the sweetest lady who sold us her Passat for way under our budget, and because we drove all the way out to her quaint town of less than ten thousand people, we got to spend the rest of the afternoon antiquing and enjoying the town's adorable little shops.

I bought some patchouli oil, a stone hippo for MyGirl, a second hand rose colored dress, and some incense.

What happened in your week that you are grateful for?

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