Visit the Portland Japanese Garden

Last week I got to chaperone MyBoy's trip to the Portland Japanese Gardens, the best field trip ever!

The Japanese Garden was like M.C. Escher meets Nature.  It is built on five acres at the top of a forested hill.  You have to hike up quite a ways to even get to the front gate.

Then you enter and are surrounded by intentional but subtle gardenscapes, a tea house, a wisteria arbor, hundred year old japanese maples, and koi ponds.  Each stone is placed for a purpose; flat ones for the tortoise and longevity, tall pointy ones for the heron.  Stone steps and narrow stone bridges meander up and downhill across trickling brooks.

Being there, even with a huge group of sixth graders, was so serene.  I cannot wait to go back again, just the four of us.

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