So...I've Been Working Out

I have never been more sore than I have in the last two weeks, except maybe after snowboarding.  Snowboarding is probably a core workout by default.  I usually can't walk for a day after that.

Anyway, back to the pursuit of happiness, a little hobby of mine.

One of my realizations recently is that being fit is a big dream I have, one that I haven't ever really set out to achieve.  And I know that following my dreams brings me happiness.  Sure, I have been skinny, slender, normal looking..and more recently normal looking...

But I want to be fit.  I am at an average weight for my height, but don't have any muscle tone!

(Really I am just scared to death of finding myself middle aged one day and 50 pounds overweight and having no idea how that ever even happened...and having a really really long haul to get anywhere near fit from that awful place.)

So I started working out now, while things are still pretty youthful and resilient.  It's been about two weeks.

I'm doing the infamous P90X program with Matt and I will tell you that even after this short time, I am seeing a difference in tone and shape of my core and arms and legs.  Impressive!

And dang have I been hungry!

Simultaneous with the workout program, you follow a protein based diet for the first four weeks.  I find myself just famished, craving those protein shakes and bars and literally shoving salad in my face!  I like having the strict diet because it eliminates any guess work or guilt about eating.

I just follow the rules.  Simple.

Just to be clear about my goals here:  I want to be somewhere in between the waif-like models we all know and loathe, and the uber buff chicks who can end up looking too masculine (see examples below).



So far so good, and I will keep you posted, wish me luck and perseverance!

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