WOYWW: Ringing Around

Luck was on my side when I got a big custom order for five sets of stacking rings during spring break; I had plenty of time to enjoy the process of making so many of the same rings.

It is actually a sweet story, and part of why making my rings is so fulfilling for me.  People think of the sweetest sentiments that they want stamped on these rings!

The woman who ordered this big batch made it through a bought of cancer, but not without the support of some special people.  She ordered a ring for each of these friends as a thank you and a remembrance of their bond through that hard time.

She ordered a special phrase stamped on each of three rings, "lucky me, to have you, love 2012".

I have had so much fun making her order special, with a box for each friend, a special tag noting each size, and new business cards too!  (I go pick up my new stamp today for the packaging, and am so excited!)

Another neat point:  I broke a new record!  With the custom order and what other orders were in the queue, I made a grand total of 20 rings in one day!  That is a lot.

So that is where my workdesk is at as of this Wednesday.

If you want to join in with the rest of us crazy "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday"-ers, please go visit Julia.  :)

Happy Creating Everyone!

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