It has been so nice lately to be spending so much time outdoors.  I love spending thoughtful moments with MyBoy, he knows how to quietly appreciate things.

We didn't feed those adorable ducks, even though we wanted to.  They are supposed to be "wild".

I am trying to keep my kids naturally "wild" too, by not feeding them junk either.  But unfortunately, they keep coming home from school, with stories of the unsavory things they hear from some of the kids around them.

Those are the kids that get fed junk from mainstream media, the kids who sing songs with sexual innuendos, the kids who swear like sailors, the kids who laugh when they talk about rape and killing.

Those kids are victims to social media, and not parented well enough to know not to repeat the junk that they are exposed to.

You know what I'm talking about; the violent video games and cartoons, the radio songs singing blatantly about sex, the nude and emaciated models gracing covers in the checkout line at the grocery store...

It is really hard to escape the mainstream cultural dump of ideas that flows so easily around our world.  I wish I could follow my kids around with earmuffs for every time something inappropriate is thrown around in front of them like it's no big thing.   As my kids grow older, I find it harder and harder to keep them from noticing how disgusting our culture can be.

I can only hope that with every disapproving look and reaction I see coming from my kids, that I have helped teach them to stay naturally beautiful...that they won't be tempted to take on false identities, and say awful things, just because everyone else acts like that.

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”

-Allen Ginsberg

I will continue to censor the world around me, the best I know how, working towards creating a culture for my kids that is better.

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