Nature's Retreat

It was off to the wild for a day of warm sun and nothing to do but listen to the river rush along.  Spring ferns were uncurling, all of the new plant growth was lime green in the sunshine.  Electric.

Between dipping feet in the river water, there was time to read, paint, and close my eyes.  I taught MyBoy how to play Rummy, and MyGirl reminded me how to play GoFish with a regular card deck.  I got caught up on a jewelry design I'm working on for a friend.

Mostly I regrouped from a long three months of being way too busy.  I thought about the end of that, and the way I want to appreciate the more manageable months ahead.

A pair of hawks circled around in the blue patch of sky above our little day camp.  Triumphant screeching echoed through the river valley.  As I lay there in the sun, content to feel the earth beneath me, the sky open above me, I felt a bit of that freedom in my bones.

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