Gratified Fridays: House Hunt and The Beach

Who doesn't dream of living on the beach?  It is easy to imagine myself starting the day with a jog on that long sandy beach, all salty hair and bare feet.  Or perhaps a dinner picnic, with the sun setting beautifully around me.

In our search to buy the best house for us, Matt and I keep finding ourselves clicking on homes for sale near the coast.  So yesterday, when we found one that we really liked, only five minutes from the beach, we packed the family up and headed over to check it out.

The house was beautifully quaint, cabin meets modern kitchen type of thing on a half acre.  I could just see us there, sitting in an adirondack chair, sipping coffee (that's me, Matt would be sipping cocoa), and the kids playing in the creek that runs through the property.

That house was a dream.  It was also an hour drive from Matt's work.  We lay on the beach together and talked out the pros and cons, but ultimately, we know that neither of us wants to lose two hours a day to a commute when we could be spending those hours together.

It is funny how one thing I thought I really wanted uncovered something else that I want more.

Which brings me to gratitude.  I am so happy to have a husband and family that can pick up on a whim and enjoy a perfect day at the beach.  I am so grateful to love them so intently that the rest just falls away in comparison.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” 
— Thornton Wilder

Practicing gratitude is said to be one of the key ingredients to happiness.  I practice this every Friday (unless, like today, I was too busy finding gratitude and post on Saturday).  

Join in and add a post about anything that made you happy over the last week or so.  Use my button, link to me or use my button, and please be a follower of my blog.


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