WOYWW: Double Inspiration & New Work

Boho Trinket Ring

Faceted Silver Ring

I snuck in a few hours during the last week and came up with two new designs.  The process ended up being really fluid, the first turquoise ring just came together without any hitches, and last minute inspiration found me hammering facets into that big silver nugget.  I loved the look so much, that I made a simpler version of it on a single silver band.

I love it when the muse comes knocking, don't you?

Etsy came up with a new feature, the "About" section, which is available for sellers to fill out and publish to their shops.  I just love the feature, and had a lot of fun putting my page together.  I never know what to say in those short bios!  Check mine out here.

Happy Wednesday all, and happy WOYWW to you WOYWW-ers. :)  Visit more work desks here.

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