Remember how we are buying a house?  We were supposed to move in two weeks ago.

I have been living precariously in limbo for what seems like ever.  Each day exists somewhere between a moving date and another random delay from the bank, or the title company, or some other newfound missing piece of paperwork from someone.  One minute, I hear everything has been settled and accepted, I clean the kitchen, catch up on laundry, and make enough jewelry to keep me caught up for a few days....we get a moving truck...the bedrooms are emptied....and then, the bank forgets to forward our file to the next auditing department.  Then it starts all over again, I think I know when we should be ready to move, we even move most of our belongings into the garage of the new house...and think we will be staying our last night in this one...only to get a call that something isn't perfectly aligned, that we need to sign somethings else, disclose this, explain that, extend the closing date some more.

Seriously I feel like screaming.  You'd think Matt and I were trying to get elected president or something, the way the mortgage lender has scoured our credit reports up and down and inside out.  I'm surprised they haven't asked for a DNA test to make sure we are actually human before they sign off on our loan.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted.  I'm tired of eating out and feeling homeless, and not having my stuff when I need it.  Here's a pic of me (that may be a crazed happy look look on my face) from the other day, I had just throw my back out, but hadn't realized it yet, and Matt was stacking our stuff in the new house's garage.  I really need to go over there and grab some tools I packed (because we are supposed to be living there already!!!) I need to start on some new jewelry orders...

Okay, I am going to go practice counting my blessings and being grateful for all of the good things which I didn't have the energy to write about.

Peace out.

Update:  After I finished writing this post as an attempt to decompress, the internet wouldn't work and I couldn't publish it...oh yeah, because we had it set up to be canceled today as well as an appt. to connect it in the new house...but instead had to turn it back on again here.  See how ridiculously frustrating this is?


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