A New Year and A Tortoise

When I was about the age that MyGirl is now, maybe ten...all I wanted was a turtle.  And I really thought that it wouldn't be a difficult wish to fill for christmas that year.  Christmas morning, among other gifts, I found a plastic sea turtle.  Such utter disappointment!

After that Christmas, so long ago, when there was no real turtle and plastic didn't suffice, I gave up on having one as a pet.  But in my imagination and in doodles on paper margins, he was always named Jarvis.

For my birthday this year, Matt and the kids sat me down on the couch with eyes closed...keeping them closed...and then I was allowed to open them!  I looked at the three of them standing expectantly in front of me.  I said, "my family!!".  They are enough to make me completely happy on any occasion.

Out of the corner of my eye, movement brought my gaze to the cushion next to me on the couch.  It was a turtle!  My kids had remembered that I had wanted one for so long and here he was, little turtle nostrils, chubby turtle tail, and beautiful turtle shell.  The real Jarvis!

The next evening, Matt took me to a new Italian place we hadn't tried.  I indulged in the best lasagna ever, with a montepulciano reduction, handmade noodles, and tenderloin.  We daydreamed about all of the remodeling projects we have in store for the new house, and enjoyed in each other's company.

What a great birthday!  This year, both the girl and the grown-up in me were completely overcome with happiness.

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