Portland Oregon Zoo

I love zoos.  Each creature is just so majestic in its own way.  We saw baby turtles the size of a mini cupcake and endangered painted african dogs.  This trip, I was really wishing I had a better camera, because a lot of the animals were too far away in their habitats for me to capture, but that is a good thing for them because they have a nice area to roam about in.

We rode the max into town which is pretty amazing in itself.  You exit the tram and immediately hop on an elevator that takes you up 600+ feet to the surface and right at the zoo's entrance!  The zoo is well thought out, and has some really nice art, bronze animal sculptures,  a lifelike reproduction of a baobab tree, and even miniature bronze elephants lining a walkway.

I'd like to go back again in the spring or fall and see everything when the crowds might be sparser.  I didn't really get to soak everything in because of all the people.

It's nearing the end of this summer so quickly, I cannot believe it.  Tonight we are off to the annual air show at Matt's tower, and then packing, moving, unpacking in the new house, and school will be starting again.  Ahhhh...crazy.  Have to enjoy it all while I can!

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