WOYWW: A Lotta Stuff and A New Wedding Band for My Man

So excited about how these two new rings came out!  The band was for my husband, I made him his original wedding band when I first started making rings, about a year and a half ago now.  I am working up to making him something out of white gold, but haven't committed to a design yet.  This is design number two now, and he likes it a lot.  Maybe he will end up with a huge collection of bands, one for every occasion, since I probably won't ever be able to make up my mind.

The second ring has been a design just waiting to make it to the bench.  Ahh, feels good to have the idea fully formed and now finished!

In between these projects, I have been challenged to keep up with the orders in the shop, but have begun the practice of working some each day to stay on top of things.  Seems to be working.

This last few weeks have been so hot, I have been drinking a lot of iced green tea, eating lots of fresh raw foods, and enjoying that true summer feeling.

Happy wednesday everyone!

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