Fireplace Makeover, Because: A Pretty Hearth Means Home.

There has been a lot of painting going on around here, and one of the main projects was our two upstairs fireplaces.  What a  difference!  The space feels so much cleaner and updated.  I am so glad that I took the risk to paint over all of that stone.

I will say that the job was not a quick fix.  Even with the borrowed paint sprayer we  had on hand, there was no way except by hand to fill in all of the jagged nooks and crannies in those stones.  I took one fireplace and Matt took the other.  Afterward, Matt went around each fireplace and filled in with calk where the stones meet the wall.  Now it looks quite pretty.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to claim a space as your own.  I chose a robin's egg blue color for the kitchen area, and a warm paper bag brown color for the living and dining areas.  With the walls painted, the white fireplaces really pop!

And, because one project is never enough, Matt decided to install some new lighting in the living room ceiling.  I was pretty dang impressed when he turned that big unlit space into a bright cheerful room in just a few hours.  And of course, the room looks much better well lit and painted.

Tomorrow we are hosting a big Halloween party, which was definitely inspiration for some of this  redecorating.  But I will blog about that another day.

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