Hearth Makeover

The new house is generously equipped with three, yes three fireplaces.  Each is a very chunky rocky late 60's ish style thing.  Huge and a very big part of the living spaces they inhabit.  

This weekend, we lit one up for the first time.  The weather lately acting more appropriately northwest with some rain and wind was enough inspiration to get the fire going...and popcorn and movie night.

The fireplace works wonderfully, warming everything up.  But we just aren't in love with its aesthetics.  Here's my thought...why not paint it?

When we first discussed the remodel of the fireplace, it looked like taking all of that heavy stone down, re facing each one, building a new mantel....very complicated!  But when I thought about painting it I wondered if it wouldn't just look worse.

So I did a little looking around, and here are some painted fireplaces that look pretty good.  

What do you think?


Keep warm.

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