Gratified Friday: A Happy Mess

I have lately found a new favorite quote while working away in the shop, listening to Leonard Cohen's The Future.  (I love Leonard Cohen, did you know that he became a monk at one point in his life??)

"Love is the only engine of survival"

It's true.  I've had a blurry couple of weeks, between lots of back pain, pain medicine that makes me loopy, physical therapy, and trying to function regardless.  

Of course I have been working in the shop all the same.

Matt and the kiddos have been more than sweet and helpful.  I feel so loved.  All there is to do is surrender to this strange phase, and wait for it to be better.  It will be eventually.  And meanwhile, let my sweet family take good care of me and be grateful for that.

I've been taking a lot of black and white photos lately.  I am loving the contrast.  Like the contrast of feeling so in love with my life, and being in so much pain at the same time.  Strange.

I'm a mess.  

But a happy mess.  

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