A Secret Project Revealed & Friendship Can Happen Over the Internet

It was killing me not to post about this big project!  But, I had to keep it a secret...because the friend who would be wearing it is my blog sister, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

The story of this jewelry starts way back before my Etsy shop, my jewelry studio, and even living in Oregon....it began as a sketch, an idea, a project that I wanted to get to some day...but didn't at the time have any idea how that would happen.

During that same time I started blogging...and I met Chandra, of A Stylish Little Lady.  I can't remember how I stumbled across her blog?  But we were fast friends!  Actually thinking about it, I can hardly believe we have known of each other for so long...maybe two years!?!

Following Chandra's blog, I began to know her style, fell in love with her dog, drooled over some very good food posts, and eventually found her planning her wedding...

All the while, she was here at my blog cheering me on when I designed a new piece, or set up shop, even putting some of my jewelry on her christmas list last year.

So when Chandra came to me to design her bridal jewelry, I was thrilled.  I was excited, nervous, inspired...but I knew immediately just what I wanted to make for her.

It just felt right.

Over only a few emails and photographed sketches, we discussed the necklace design and birthstones...and then Chandra gave me free reign with the project.

I didn't send her another picture.

I just went to work.

I have always believed that metal and stones hold a person's energy.  When I create jewelry in my shop, I always make sure to create with good intentions, and positive energy.  With this project, even when the process could have become frustrating, or I was working on a particularly tricky part (soldering tiny jump rings, or filing and sanding contour to the branches...), everything went smoothly.  

The necklace turned out exactly how I had envisioned it!  It is hard not to think that way back when I originally designed it, that somehow it was for Chandra even then...

Matt made an especially big box for the jewelry to fit in, and I mailed it off.  I can tell you, I was holding my breath for that package to arrive, and to hear what kind of review my work would receive on the other end!

It is one thing to work on a commissioned piece for someone, but knowing I was designing something for the most important day of my friend's life...her wedding...added an extra bit of intensity.  

Having a lot of experience with commissioned work in all different art mediums (murals, prints, illustration...once I was even hired to paint a logo on a sailboat), I know things can get tricky....but there was not one hitch when it came to this project.  

While her jewelry was in transit, Chandra emailed me...she forgot that she needed some silver post earrings as well to wear on her big day.  Just our luck, as a surprise, I had added a pair of silver posts to her package!  

She loved everything.  

And I loved making everything.  

The wedding is in a few short days, and I will be sending beautiful thoughts that way...

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