My very Duchamp Moment in Photography

I have always loved photography, I took it in junior high and college.  The dark room is a magical place, chemical smells and images appearing out of nowhere....I could spend hours in a dark room.  

I'm actually not that great a photographer, but I love taking pictures, and sometimes I get a really great opportunity and grab the shot.

If I could turn our whole house into one giant art studio, I would!  One room would be a darkroom, another a painting studio, my metalsmithing shop still there, and a room for practicing music on the guitar and maybe I'd even get out the flute again...and I would just work my way from room to room as the inspiration took me.  

One minute a painter, the next a photographer...following the muse around the house.

Since that is a pretty wild dream, and I probably won't ever get around to having a darkroom, I have become pretty content with Instagram shots, and photographing my jewelry in our bathroom where the huge skylight provides some nice natural lighting.

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I were out driving around and I looked over to see this brigade of toilets just sitting there in a parking lot!  I really couldn't contain myself...Matt parked the car for me so I could get out and take some photos.  

Who doesn't love a photo of a bunch of toilets?  They make me laugh.  A lot.

I think Duchamp would be a little happy with the result....especially if I would have had a sharpie on me to add a little graffiti to one.  

Darn, there's always next time.

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