Oh Pumpkin Seeds, How Delicious You Are & A Recipe

Still have some leftover seeds from pumpkin carving and need a great recipe?  I tried a new tactic this year, agave nectar making its first appearance in our anual pumpkin seed roasting routine.


First things first, we enjoyed a little trip to a local veggie stand for our pumpkins, locally sourced is always better, and in this case more fun!  They had a mini corn maze, cider, and candy for the kids...not to mention some gorgeous pumpkins!  We picked out some big guys for carving jack-o-lanterns and some little guys for just plain lanterns (used for ambiance at our halloween party).

After the carving came the roasting, and this year those seeds came out perfect!


Pumpkin seeds (I also roasted some giant spaghetti squash seeds as well which were equally yum)
Olive oil
Agave Nectar

So easy to make.  Just clean all the pumpkin guts from the seeds, and lay them out in a pan about 2 to 3 seeds thick.  Pour olive oil generously coating the seeds, and then add the tamari and agave nectar to taste (about equal amounts of each for a perfect salty sweet flavor).

Bake on low, 250 degrees until seeds are beautifully browned and somewhat crispy.  They will continue to be sticky and messy even when fully cooked.

Healthy, festive, and super easy!  I have been putting them in the kid's school lunches for a healthy autumn treat.


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