Christmas In The Shop

Looking back on the last two months is a blur!  I felt like a Christmas elf, working away on special gifts for so many many people.  I couldn't have ever predicted how busy I would be this year.  Compared to last year I think I was 6 times busier!

A big thank you to all of my wonderful customers!

I couldn't have done it without my three helpers and two fuzzy distractions.  Mygirl and Myboy helped by cutting jewelry cards, printing shipping labels, rinsing and tarnishing rings, making meals, cleaning, and just generally being awesome kids.  Matt was incredible about keeping up with the box making even with the insane demand (as of today, he will have made nearly 200 boxes since november began!!).  And, of course, the puppies were always under foot keeping me company as I worked.  Tarnished & True is definitely a small family run business!

Now that the holiday rush has come to a close, I am settling into my own holiday fun; getting my gifts ready, sending off cards, and enjoying the kids home for winter break.  

And....I cannot wait for Christmas!  

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Corrine said...

I hope it all is flying away as gifts to many people. Wow, 200 boxes, way to go! And the kids, so nice to have all that support. Merry Christmas and wagging tails. xox

Annie Smith @AjaxDay said...

Corrine! Happiest of holidays to you! I hope your days are filled up with coziness and lots of love. Xo!

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