Some New Blue Lately

Blue Sunflower Statement Ring

Door in The Sky Earrings

I will never ever get tired of working with turquoise.  Never.  It is just gorgeous!

These two pieces I am really fond of, because I think they reflect how much my craft has grown in the last year.  My work is constantly evolving as I get more confident, and learn new tricks in my studio.  I am enjoying the freedom in that, to be able to bring my designs to life.

3 thoughts:

Corrine said...

Wow, pretty pieces of turquoise...The Door in the Sky earrings really do make me feel as if I could get lost in them. xox

Raina @ If the Lamp Shade Fits said...

You make the absolute most lovely pieces.

iris said...

Turquoise and copper are pretty much the best :)
Your work is beautiful!

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