Wintery Beach Escape

The beach is the most wonderful place...any time of year.  The January wind didn't keep us from running in the sand, and collecting surf smoothed stones.

We also visited the obligatory souvenir, antique, and taffy and rock shops (I wanted to take home all of the gemstones in Lincoln City!).

After the holidays, it was so nice to get out of town, breathe some fresh salty air, and leave work behind...if only for the day....

3 thoughts:

Dundee said...

What a great escape after Christmas. I too love the beach anytime of year.

Corrine said...

What's better than the beach to yourselves, driftwood and taffy, really, how can yo top it and oh yeah family love. xox

chandra said...

i love the beach in winter because it's nice to be able to enjoy it without the crowds! glad to see you are taking some time to enjoy some sweet little pleasures.

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