How I Made A Big Complicated Necklace & Good Business


Meet my Aedre necklace!  I played all day yesterday finishing this big piece.  What made this one so much fun was all of the designing, and detail that went into the process.  Each link, every aspect was a design choice, and every bit was done by hand (except for the tiny accent chain that hangs from the clasp...making a chain that small would make me crazy, I'm sure).

In this design, I played with texture, asymmetry, and of course the sculptural element of the pendent.  You can see in some of the process photos how I made the links, and how I cut the flower from sheet silver.  The feel of the handmade chain is so organic, I love the irregularity of it, and how chunky and heavy it is.  I added a textured and oversized "S" clasp, and a braided round link to give the chain even more artsy charm.

My confidence in the shop is growing by leaps and bounds.  Part of this is because of some good business lately.  I mentioned the huge wholesale order in my last post, which I finished and got great feedback about!

Happy customers make me overwhelmingly courageous when it comes to designing new work.  After that sale, I made a ring in turquoise using a design that had been mulling around in my head for some time.

It was this ring:

The same day I finished this ring, I listed it up on the shop, and went to bed.  The next morning...it had sold!  Thrilling!

All of this success just makes me want to make more jewelry...and meanwhile, we have ripped out all of the walls in half of the first story of our house!

Busy life as usual, but a good busy.

Until next time....who knows what will happen between now and then. *wink*

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Corrine said...

Sounds like you are expanding into the universe....good stuff. Beautiful necklace. xox

Robin said...

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chandra said...

i'm glad everything went well with your wholesale order and your creativity and business are growing leaps and bounds! just don't forget about me when you become crazy famous;)

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