Wintry Work

Since I started my juice fast, it seems like nothing but great things have been happening.

I made a new friend who invited me to her yoga class.  I signed up immediately, because I've been meaning to do that for ages and apparently just needed the right reason.

A woman from Canada contacted me about my jewelry shop wanting to purchase from me wholesale!  She has an adorable white washed artsy coffeshop/boutique where she wants to carry my work and she bought over 30 items!  I have been loving going through my stock, getting her big order ready.

I have been feeling much more energized, and inspired.  I spent a day organizing and cleaning the new house.  I finally hung up all of those photos and some art I've been meaning to make time for.  I think the internal cleansing is influencing how I want things on the outside too.

The last few days have been so wintry crisp, with bright sunshine...things just feel right.

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