Latest Adventures in Moving

Now, we are here.  In a house (and with internet).  Hooray!  But not without some interesting moments...

We backed the Uhaul into a ditch in rural Portland.  (Seriously, could only giggle about it...what else could I do?)  Luckily a helpful neighbor with a powerful truck and a wench rolled up and pulled us out.  Thank you wonderful helpful person and your truck!
In a Ditch

Hours (actually 3 days) of frustrating house hunting time spent in the car...this shot shows me smiling deliriously (either that, or I'm looking at Matt with a look of desperation that can say only one thing, "find me a house this instant!").

Then we did find a house really close to Matt's work, they allowed dogs, and it wasn't a dingy over-priced fixer-upper of a house.  

I have to rant for a second about the rental market and being a pet owner.  When a property manager shows me a house and the smell of the house inside is enough to make me want to hurl, and the property manager sighs and says, the owner just won't allow pets...I get pretty confused.  A few houses we looked through were yucky enough that they couldn't have paid me to live there, much less expect me to be eternally grateful for allowing my pet to live there too but only if I gave them an additional $1000 pet deposit (I'm not kidding or exaggerating).

Anyway, the house we found is perfect, clean, new, safe, and all of those other things everyone wants in a house.  And the property manager had reasonable deposit requirements.  So on to the unloading of the Uhaul:
Yes, those are antlers

At the end of the day, we deserved a bit of R&R; redbox and Jiffy Pop.

5 thoughts:

jenn said...

so i google stalked you (naturally), and I love knowing where you are rooted in the world.

happy house-put-together-ing.

I want munchkin videos!!

love you.

Maundering mutterer said...

Good luck with getting settled, antlers and all. Glad it's a nice place. You must be pretty exhausted though!

Ajax said...

Jenn~ my sister stalker, hope you got to see google earth pics of the place too then!

MM~ yes I am exhausted, and want to sleep for 5 weeks, but I keep waking up at 7am too excited about all of the change! I'm sure it will sneak up on me and hit me like a ten ton truck one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Am I crazy? or did you change your complete blog layout???? I love it! So glad you have internet now hehe Congrats on a new house! Also, nothing better than redbox and popcorn. WORD! <3

Ajax said...

Thanks for the follow, Fi!

You're not crazy, you're thinking of another blog on the modern housewife that I had done for an english course, I have since hidden that one on my profile. I've only been blogging a few months but LOVE it!

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