Lately, Airplanes and Date Day

I love Date Day.  Matt has weekday days off so we get to sneak away while the kids are in school and enjoy just us.  This week, we went into Portland for some more metal for my studio and some great Italian food.
Sterling Silver Tubing
Buying metal is dangerous business.  First of all, it's expensive and second of all, I can think of a million reasons (jewelry designs) to buy a lot of it.  I also got some fun tools:  a disc cutter, some pliers, a tube cutting jig, and some other little things. 

Then we found a great Italian place downtown, Pazzo Ristorante.  I think marinara is the key to good Italian food, and this place had great sauce!  I ordered manicotti, and Matt had a pesto pizza, and we shared a tasty bottle of Montepulciano.....and later a piece or tiramisu.  The atmosphere was dark and private...we easily stayed for two hours.  Divine!!

We have quite a few reasons to be celebratory lately.  My jewelry making endeavor is becoming quite the source of happiness for me and Matt's new job is going well for him.  In fact, last week found Matt flying with a group of nine airplanes in formation just for kicks.  I can't believe he got invited to do that!!  Here's some photos he took while flying out of his airport with a group of guys that fly together just for fun.

"Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness." ~Kahlil Gibran

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Open House LLC said...

What fun for you. Been to Pazzo as well. I love Portland.

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