New Handmade Jewelry

Bali Hoops

Everyday Turquoise Chain

Here's a sneak peek at the newest jewelry I've made for my shop on Etsy, Tarnished & True.  Things are really coming together for me now that I have my own studio to work in.  I just can't get enough time in there! 

I have decided that my jewelry will be completely handmade...every link is soldered closed individually, each clasp and ear hook are hand formed.  I think this makes for a more artisan feel and allows me to really stand behind my work as genuinely handmade.  I only use fine silver and precious stones.  I so enjoy hammering, polishing, and forming every piece by hand.  This work truly makes me feel accomplished and fulfilled.  I can't wait to get even more pieces ready for the shop!

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Open House LLC said...

what's it like to be gifted? Damn girl, you are gooood

Ajax said...

Thank you! Have to show you in person soon.

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