Recipe for Distraction

Not sure if I mentioned it, but the kids are away for the month.  Probably I am in denial still, what with the oddly silent state things are in, and the huge amount of free time I am so unaccustomed to, it's a bit of a shock.  I know this should be a time to harness all of my productive energies and take on the world.  I'm trying.  To cheer myself up and get me in a properly self absorbed (in a good way), me-centric, and independent mood (that only people without kids are really familiar with), I cooked a fancy European meal for two.  Yes, romance and imported cheese...makes everything better.  I was inspired by the incredible photos from FXcuisine.com, simple foods, complex flavors...delicious, and a fine place for dinner inspiration.

On The Menu:  
Goat Gouda, Walnut, and Pear Bruschetta
Elicoidali Pasta in Blue Cheese Sauce with a hint of Nutmeg.
Sangiovese Di Puglia

2 thoughts:

Open House LLC said...

It's not good without the kids and it takes awhile to get in a different groove. You can do it but I don't think it sounds fun. Drown your sorrows in a good bottle of wine and stay with that "imported cheese". That might be the ticket.

Fi Figueroa said...

OOOMG yum!!!I really need a day off and get to cookin'!

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