Gratified Friday-Camp

This week I am so thankful for a successful camp outing for MyBoy!  His whole class left Wednesday and returned only today with stories of Outdoor School!  They learned funny songs, slept in cabins, learned about the environment, and had campfires.  I admit I was home quite worried, as there was no contact at all with the kids the whole three days they were gone.  No cell phone.  Nothing.  Looks like MyBoy is growing up and knows how to handle himself on a lone adventure.  I am so proud, and so grateful to have him home safe.  Sixth grade is so BIG!

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Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

AWWW How awesome. When I was a kid I totally loved camp! :)

cathouseprints said...

How very cool! But he did miss your awesome squash meals! I remember sixth grade camp, too. Not so awesome for me because I "developed" early and was on my period! Seriously horrified, I was. Glad he's safe and home and had an awesome time. Funny how times have changed - when I went to camp, we didn't have cells phones to begin with.

Ajax said...

You two are both so lucky to have had camp, my elementary school didn't do anything like this! I know MyBoy wants to be a counselor when he's a senior. What a cool program.

Anonymous said...

I never got to go to any camps as a kid. I kind of wish I did.

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