Rain and Samosas

Right now I am wearing a sweater.  It is sort of raining out and I am indulging myself with a lunch of samosas from the frozen section of the fancy food store.  This afternoon is mine to enjoy the quiet house while the kids are away at school, to enjoy the calmness of the rainish weather, to just be.

I have some ideas, new jewelry designs, that I have been saving up for just such a day.  After my decadent lunch which I will enjoy all to myself, I plan to sieze the few hours before the kids return to take to the bench and hammer out some new work.

Here is the most recent design from my bench:

Brazen Hoops

6 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

awesome design. I really like this one!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

those earrings turned out great. yum samosas :)

Chandra said...

lovely!...maybe by next year i can commission you to do some wedding jewels for me!

Chandra said...

PS...like the new look of your bloggy!

Ajax said...

Chandra~ I would LOVE that. :)

Kristy Lynn said...

gorgeous! i love the metal but it's not too much. it's difficult to find rad dangly jewelry that i can wear (i have short hair and it's often too big or too much) - these are well done, my friend, well done.

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