My Week in Squash

One of Autumn's big contributions is squash..acorn, delicata, butternut...i love them all (can't wait to make pumpkin pie!). Here are the three different ways I used squash this week...

-------->>>>I surprised Matt the other night with a late night romantic dinner of butternut squash raviolis..all homemade! I was inspired by the food blog Let's Dish, where lasagna noodles are used to make giant 'ravioli' packets.  Instead of making a sausage filling, I made a quick and simple butternut squash and feta filling, mostly faking it as I went, and making a mess, and having lots of fun trying a new recipe.  (Pictures of me, courtesy of Matt.)

-------->>>>So simple, acorn squash as a side dish with butter and brown sugar, the main course was soba noodles and tofu:

-------->>>>With the extra butternut squash left over from the raviolis, I thought I would see if I could find a recipe for butternut squash pasta sauce.  Even though the squash was prepared a bit differently from the previous recipe, I was able to make a delicious sauce from this recipe by just adding some garlic, sage, salt and pepper, and some cream and water.  It was great over some store bought tortellini from the freezer and quick to pull together!

I've been so into cooking lately, must be me practicing for the cozy winter months.  What cooking adventures has Autumn inspired in your kitchen?

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Chandra said...

Oh my goodness...she makes pretty little things and can cook! Love your adventures in the kitchen and doing your own thing! That's the best way to cook...add your own personal touch! Happy Weekend, girl :D

iris said...

At first I thought you meant the racquetball/squash game, in your blog title! But I see I stand corrected :) And Butternut Squash always equates to soup, to me.

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