Gratified Fridays: A dream to fruition

Officially, I am not a new Etsy seller....yes, the holidays have indeed initiated me to the higher ranks of Etsy (and all the hustle and bustle that requires)!  This is my very first christmas selling jewelry ever.

Between the dates of November 30th and December 9th (today!!), I have filled 14 orders for jewelry from my shop!  So you see, I have been busy!

More personally, I have been balancing the joy of two kids with a viral cough, doctor appointments, and missed school.  Also my husband decided to have his birthday this week (tomorrow!!).  Perfect timing for the shop to pick up, don't you think??  (No time like the present.)

I also would like to say that I am very humbled by the response to my shop.  I honestly did not expect to be busier than 'normal' and have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the purchasing that has been happening!

I appreciate the positive feedback so much, I cannot tell you how nice it is to know that my designs are enjoyed by more people than just myself.  I never went into this to make it rich or big, just to be creative and explore my favorite medium (metal).

I feel like I have made it.  I dreamt something up, built an idea, acted on it, and things are starting to happen!

Today, I am grateful for the good fortune of customers, and for my hobby in metalsmithing.

I am pleased to share with you my top sellers, for christmas gifting:

Copper Charm Necklace: So Loved

Love Token Stacking Bands

Lucky Seven Personalized Rings

Isis Hoops

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.~Langston Hughes

Cheers to dreaming big!

5 thoughts:

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Any friend of Langston Hughes is by default a friend of mine.

Open House LLC said...

Lovely pieces, lovely girl Annie.

Chandra said...

Too bad you don't have any little elves in your workshop to help! Glad you are busy and work is booming!

Saturday Sequins said...

I love your work! Especially the Isis earrings. They're lovely.

Congratulations on your Etsy success! That's really exciting. I missed the holiday rush this year, but I'm hopefully going to set up shop in time for Valentine's Day. I'm SaturdaySequins, if you'd like to be Etsy friends. :)

-- Sarah, visiting from Artists in Blogland. It's great to see another jewelry maker!

Anonymous said...

Being a busy mom, its amazing how you find time for jewelry making. love the golden earrings, the texture is beautiful!

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