Vitamins, Oh How I Love You

It has been crazy hectic around here with shopping, my jewelry selling madly, daily trips to the post office, kid slumber parties, my husband's birthday....I'm sure there has been even more going on and this is all in the last week!  So of course, we are all sick.

That means it is time to get out the juicer!  It's like a vitamin and antioxidant army set loose inside your body ready to fight for good health.

I'm counting on this juicing to get this family healthily through the holidays, there isn't room in all of the holiday hustle for being sick.  So get ready, juicer....for a lot of juicing love.

My Favorite Juice:

2 large carrots
3 kale leaves
1 celery stalk
1/2 of an apple

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Chandra said...

Here's wishing everyone healthier days and lots of vitamin c!

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