Meet & Greet: Bella

Cutest Puppy EVER
I couldn't wait to share this little pup with you all!  She is only 9 weeks old and already weighs 7lbs!  She is a husky mix pup that Matt and I rescued from a local shelter....and she is the sweetest.  This surprises me, I thought all puppies were complete terrors.

When I adopted Reuben, he was insane, jumping and peeing everywhere..I thought he was SO cute.  Well, this girl is the complete opposite.  Mellow, quiet...she even slept through the night last night.  The two dogs already love each other and Reuben makes a great teething toy it seems.

Getting Bella was one of those serendipitous things that happens right when you just know it won't.  Matt and I fell for her immediately when we saw her advertised online.  But we kept running into glitches.

The shelter was closed when we first got there...then our other appointment went on way too long...then we went back to the shelter and the puppy we wanted to meet wasn't even there (she was being fostered).

But, as luck would have it, and because we were there at just the right time...the foster mom walked into the shelter right as we were waiting to find out how to get a hold of her!  She invited us to follow her home to see the pup.

But that wasn't all.  When you adopt a pet through a shelter, they are pretty specific about a few requirements, one of them being permission from your landlord if you're renting.  I just knew we wouldn't get the okay for a puppy.

Our property manager tried and tried to get in touch with the lady that owns our house...and we only had 2 hours before this huge adoption event that our puppy was supposed to attend.

Finally Matt emailed our property manager a photo of the puppy and explained that we needed to know now or we would probably lose her to someone else.

I resigned myself to the probable end that we wouldn't be getting this cute puppy today.  And I started working on my homework.  Matt distracted himself with his Iphone.

We waited.

We got a call right on the hour of the adoption event.  The homeowner had recieved the photo of our pup from the property manager and thought our puppy was so cute, she even wanted to adopt her!  So we were given permission and not even charged an additional deposit.

We were so excited!

We left the house, not telling the kids where we were going....and adopted this sweet girl.  We took her to the pet store for puppy goodies.  Matt named her Bella after a Jack Johnson song.  And we arrived home with our newest family member to two very surprised and delighted kids!

Welcome home Miss Bella, and to this blog where I am sure you will find yourself featured often!!

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