WOYWW: Rings & Rings & Rings For Love On V-Day

People can be so sweet!  I got the most wonderful orders for hand stamped rings over the last week and a half.  Here are a few of the requests people wanted stamped on rings for their loved ones:

"No Regrets"
"I Love U Gramma"
"Forever & Ever"
"My Dear"
"There Is"..."A Tide"
"Love You"

And this is just a sampling...Tarnished & True was very busy all week!  It was so touching chatting with these people and making sure their orders were just right.  I got to hear some sweet stories!  And here is what my shop has been looking like:

Working Having Fun
Ring Prep
Rings In Progress
My hands are a bit sore from sanding and filing.  But I've taken up some weights to compensate.  I just love making these little rings.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day!  And you can see more artist's desks here.


Don't forget to enter my **GIVEAWAY** over at Clussster for a pair of dainty heart earrings made by me!

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