WOYWW: New Shop Assistant

This may be more of a What's Under Your Workbench Wednesday.  For everyone over for WOYWW, who haven't heard yet...we got a puppy!  Meet Bella, the newest shop assistant.  She is second in command to her older and more experienced apprentice, Reuben.  They work very well together.

The pups were very busy this week helping me with orders.  I don't know how we ever found time to dream up new designs.  I am sure it was Bella's fresh new creative outlook that inspired us all.  But I am happy to report that there are a few new rings in the shop.

Tools and Art Around My Workbench
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Reuben & Bella, Busy Helpers

I have actually been really swamped with homework, I am taking four college classes online, so it is a full time load of credits.  And they aren't kidding when the class description advises that you should expect to spend more time on work for an online class, than one on campus.  There is just a ton of busy work.

All I really want to do is play with my pups and work on jewelry!  The end of the semester can't come soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a great WOYWW, and a great week!

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